Your Christmas or Mine? review – ho ho ho-hum festive Britcom

A young couple end up with each other’s family for Christmas in a middling assortment of sitcom cliches and laboured farce

Asa Butterfield in Your Christmas or Mine?
Asa Butterfield in Your Christmas or Mine?. Leave this one under the tree. Photograph: Amazon Prime Video

In what feels like a record year for the number of new Christmas movies being unwrapped on the big and mostly small screens, it takes a certain extra sparkle to make one feel worthy of our time. The welcome return of Lindsay Lohan was the mild elevation that Netflix’s otherwise aggressively anonymous Falling for Christmas needed. David Harbour’s theatrically released Violent Night moved past its been-there-seen-that badder Santa set-up with wince-inducing R-rated violence. Apple’s splashy, star-led musical Spirited took the bones of A Christmas Carol and found a new, if annoying, way to add some fresh flesh. In Amazon’s exhaustingly eager Britcom Your Christmas or Mine?, one might struggle to see why our time is even half-demanded here rather than elsewhere, a hackneyed grab-bag of sitcom cliches that ends up feeling more like tired pantomime.

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