‘We beat Radiohead at football 25-4’: Ride’s Andy Bell

Andy Bell portrait.

‘Ride is a portal to who I am’ … Andy Bell. Photograph: Andree Martis

The former Oasis bassist answers your questions on sharing a name with Erasure’s frontman, the wildness of Creation Records in the 90s, and what he owes to the Cure’s Robert Smith

Have you ever pretended to be the Erasure frontman to get a better table in a restaurant? TeeDubyaBee

No, but Andy and I have a brilliant little friendship that’s developed over Twitter after people started tagging the wrong one. I’d tweet funny replies, like “I wish I had a little respect …” A couple of years ago I reached out to him for something which unfortunately he wasn’t able to do, but he said he’d be up for something and we are talking about working together. You read it here first.

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