‘Such a joyous moment’: the White Lotus theme becomes a dancefloor hit at clubs and festivals

‘Such a joyous moment’: the White Lotus theme becomes a dancefloor hit at clubs and festivals

The Killers opened this week’s stadium show with the TV series’ song, which has become a DJ staple at festivals and clubs – and a ‘cherry on top’ for its composer

Festival crowd shot
Composed by Cristobal Tapia de Veer, the theme song to The White Lotus – titled Renaissance – is enjoying a surprise second life. Photograph: Patrick Schulze/Alamy

Over just 90 seconds, the theme song to season two of hit TV show the White Lotus manages to cram in a chaotic list of sounds: a beatific harp intro, haunting strains of opera, a chorus of yodels – and that famous EDM breakdown.

It has spawned thousands of TikToksmany impassioned arguments against the “skip intro” button, and at least one house remix.

And now, it has become a dancefloor staple.

For weeks, users on social media have been sharing footage of the Emmy award-winning show’s theme song playing in festivals and clubs, often to ecstatic effect.

They played The White Lotus theme song at the musical festival I was at this weekend. pic.twitter.com/SUF1u3XTgg

— Elliot Roberts (@ElliotRoberts5) December 11, 2022

The anthology series – about the super-rich doing super-bad things in idyllic locations – wrapped up its second season, set in Sicily, this week. Days before its finale, the track played at Meredith music festival in Victoria, Australia to a packed afternoon audience, many of whom sang along – or tried to – with its lilting notes.

A large effigy of Jennifer Coolidge, who stars in the series, was also spotted in the throng later that night.

Spoiler alert: Jennifer Coolidge spotted at Meredith for the season finale. #WhiteLotus pic.twitter.com/jFsbEGRFok

— Zan Rowe (@zanrowe) December 10, 2022

“It was such a joyous moment,” says Paul Kearney, who was in the crowd when the theme song played. “There was a collective lighting up of the eyes from pleasant surprise, and the energy was palpable.

“Streams of people came rushing down to join in once they heard it … [we] danced with our hands in the air.”

The almost entirely instrumental track also blasted from the stage at the Killers’ Melbourne show this week as the band entered.

The Killers coming out to the White Lotus theme song was a whole ass mooooooood pic.twitter.com/8eLpeKNjo9

— rosey posey (@roseysoho) December 14, 2022

Concert-goer Callum Twomey says the choice was a surprise. “I had gone to their concert the night before and it had been a more standard walk-on. But when The White Lotus came blaring through it was quite funny. The crowd was into it.

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