Black Panther star Letitia Wright: ‘Since Chad died I’m so afraid to lose people’

Letitia Wright in profile and photographed from behind, wearing a black coat and with her hair in elaborate plaits
                    Photograph: Christina Ebenezer

Letitia Wright was a rising star of British indie films before Chadwick Boseman handpicked her for the Marvel blockbuster. She talks about his death – and how she turned her life around

Elvis! Hey Elvis!” Letitia Wright calls enthusiastically. A waiter walks over. “Elvis is my friend. Elvis, Simon. Simon, Elvis.” Elvis and I introduce ourselves, and he takes my order. Wow, what a coincidence, I say to Wright – a friend of yours working here. How long have you known Elvis? “I just met him today.” She laughs. “I try to connect with people.” Did he recognise you? “No! Elvis doesn’t care who I am. He just cares if I’m a kind person or not.”

We meet at a restaurant in the Shard, London’s famous spike in the sky. Her publicist refers to her as Tish, so I ask Wright if she prefers people to call her Letitia or Tish. Letitia, she says instantly, correcting my pronunciation (it’s Leteesha).

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